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The wait is over. The Speed is here.


The new Pinokio SPEED Hopper is compatible with existing Exalt Pinokio Speed Feeds! Reload fast without flipping open a lid while sliding, diving and switching hands with confidence – the Exalt Speed feed won’t spill paint but enables instantaneous one-hand loading.


Swap batteries on the new Pinokio SPEED without tools, though you won’t have to do it often – the SPEED is battery efficient! The simplicity continues through the single on/off button protected at the rear of the hopper behind the feed neck. One push on, green light means go shoot people: one push off, put it away until it’s time to go shoot people again. Note the slender rear profile increasing field-vision while the SPEED-equipped marker is shouldered.


The Pinokio SPEED requires no tools to access the feed tray and feed system for cleaning. Simply push the top locking button to release the SPEED nose cone, removing the entire front of the hopper for instant access! You won’t be in there very much though, as the Pinokio SPEED features soft paddles for gentle feeding of even the most brittle paint at fire rates up to 29 balls per second.


Designed with a new board, hard-wired paint detection system, rebuilt gear box and soft paddles, the Pinokio SPEED wouldn’t be called the SPEED if it didn’t feed fast. It does. Tested on markers at rates of fire up to twenty-nine (yes, that’s 29) paintballs per second, the Pinokio SPEED can more than keep up with any high-speed paintball marker in the world! Go ahead and shoot that brittle paint and do it in the chilly weather – the Pinokio SPEED feeds up to 29 paintballs per second yet is not a force-feed loader, augmenting gravity instead of replacing it, and only activating its feed system when the marker fires, making it efficient while practically eliminating chopped or broken paintballs forced too far into a marker’s breech.


The Pinokio SPEED is the lightest high-speed, high-tech paintball hopper on the market! Constructed from incredibly durable yet lightweight Nylon, the SPEED is durable and strong yet practically floats above the scale at a mere 14.8 ounces with its two 9volt batteries installed! Don’t let the Pinokio SPEED’s weight fool you, however, as this flyweight punches well above its weight class. The Pinokio SPEED holds 180 paintballs, is perfectly balanced, easy to clean and improves the balance of any marker on which it is installed!

  • WEIGHT: 14.8 OUNCES (with 2x 9 Volt Batteries)
  • FEED RATE: 25 BPS +


Much smaller than the Classic Pinokio P250/400 hopper that spawned the expandable hopper concept, the new Pinokio SPEED was designed for intense competition where staying small means staying alive. A sleek, simple and small shell design still holds a full 180 rounds yet does so in a package that isn’t as tall, wide or heavy as other high-tech loaders, helping the player behind it stay tight and stay in the game. The small Pinokio SPEED places the point of balance of the hopper just over the feed neck, improving overall balance of the player’s marker, while the up-swept rear section of the hopper opens up the shooter’s field of view while the marker is shouldered, drastically improving vision of the field in front of the marker while shooting.


Ideas. Designs. Prototypes. Redesigns. Better ideas. Years of work. Through it all you stuck by us, and we thank you. Or you didn't, and we totally understand because this took a while. Either way, we're still here. And now, the time for promises and talk about the future is over. The Speed is here. Now.


Pinokio is a small company and every single customer, and every single customer's opinion, is important to us. So when you spoke we listened. You said our P250/400 hopper was reliable and fast, but a big target and maybe it wasn't the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. We still think it's beautiful but it's not up to us. What it all boils down to is that you said you wanted Pinokio jam-free reliability, light weight, fast rates of fire and battery efficiency in a small, sleek package. And you didn't want the feed neck to ever crack or break again. You spoke. We listened. We'll say it again: the Speed is here.


The Pinokio Speed is the next step in the evolution of simple, reliable yet fast-feeding paintball hoppers. No more polycarbonate shells that might crack or snap at the feed neck - the Speed is built from durable Nylon. No eyes to get dirty and fail. No sound-sensors to miss quiet guns shooting and fail to feed. No force-feed systems pushing paintballs causing chops and jams. No AA batteries to keep in your gear bag alongside the 9volt batteries you already have to carry around. No two-pound bricks on top of your gun.


At less than 15 ounces WITH the two 9volt batteries it uses for power, the new Pinokio Speed is incredibly lightweight. Put it on a Postal Scale and see. Go ahead and stand it up on its feed neck while you weigh it too - it's the most balanced loader around. Sitting low on markers thanks to its small size, the Speed is a Pinokio comparable in size to the competition, yet it still holds 180 rounds.


Ever catch yourself looking over or around your marker and hopper while you're playing on the paintball field because when you get in tight behind your marker, your hopper sits right in your face? We designed the Pinokio Speed with a low profile to make as small a target as possible, but while we did that, we managed to bring the feed system within the hopper forward, drastically improving the sight line behind the hopper while the player is sighting down their marker. Try it- you'll be able to keep your marker shouldered and ready to snap shoot yet still see the entire field left, right, and directly in front of you.


The Pinokio Speed uses a high-performance gear box hard-wired to a Bend Sensor paint detection system- when you're shooting the Speed's paddles spin and send paintballs from the angled feed tray into the feed neck and into the marker for firing, assisting gravity in helping round objects roll down-hill. That means even with brittle paintballs in cold weather, you won't munch paintballs in this hopper or feed half-cracked paintballs into your marker to be smashed because the Speed is gentle on paintballs.


Just because it's gentle doesn't mean it can't keep up- we've tested the Speed on markers at consistent rates of fire up to 29 paintballs per second. It's also user-friendly. Clean the Pinokio Speed in moments by popping off the front nose and spraying the shells out with water before wiping dry with a cloth. Switch batteries without tools thanks to a quick-snap battery door. A single on/off button is hidden at the bottom rear of the Speed shell and the Speed has two settings: off and go shoot people as fast as you can pull the trigger. Just turn it on and go play- don't stand at the start box pushing buttons. Want to reload faster? No problem- the Exalt Pinokio Feed Gates already on the market fit the Speed.


Then there's the price. We actually want people who purchase our products to still be able to afford to PLAY PAINTBALL after they get their new gear. So how about a 25+ ball per second-feeding, Nylon shell-constructed, tool-less battery and cleaning, lightweight, small, sleek and perfectly balanced hopper able to handle anything on the field at only $129? Yeah. We did that. SMALLER. LIGHTER. FASTER. THE WAIT IS OVER. PINOKIO SPEED.